What is a bonus code ?

A bonus code is a code consisting of either number or letters or both. Often you will find the bonus codes through specific commercials online or on the TV. Most likely you will find it on a web site that has some sort of online gaming advertising.
The bonus code is not offered every day throughout the year. Its a special deal that pops up weekly or monthly on the online casinos and bookmakers on the internet. Sometimes there is a special occasion leading up to the bonus code. It could be a christmas bonus code during christmas, or it could be some sort of easter bonus code during Easter. Other times it simply describes whatever is hidden inside the bonus code gift: it could be free spins on a slot machine, which would leave the bonus code with names like 20freespins or something like that.

What can I do with a bonus code ?

A bonus code is your free way into the online gaming industry. It is an offer that are given away by the online casino or the bookmaker. If it is an online casino offering the bonus code it most definitely has something to do with a specific slot machine, where you get free spins. It could also refer to either free games on any table game such as poker, blackjack or the roulette.
If we are dealing with a bonus code from a bookmaker, the bonus code could consist of one or more free bets on a particular sports league or some kind of big sporting event like the Olympics or the european champions league in football. Bonus codes vary everytime, but could in some cases consist of the same thing, but in differrent amounts. For instance one month the bonus code could be a giveaway of 20 free spins, on other occasions it could be 30, 40 or even 50 free spins.

How do I use the bonus code ?

Whenever you have received a bonus code either during a commercial or through some kind of advertising site or via email, you have to use that bonus code within a specific time range. The thing is that a bonus code often has an expiry date to it. On almost all bonus code slips you will see that an expiry date is added. Often it has to be used witihin a week or a month. That is because the bookmakers or the online casinos change the bonus codes and offers all the time. Whenever a new offer is put out online, the specific numbers and letters of the bonus code has to be changed. That is why your specific bonus code has to be used within a certain time range.
When you sign up with a new bookmaker or a new online casino you will be able to add the bonus code numbers in a specific field during the sign on-proces. If you cant find it yourself you will most probably be reminded by the casino itself to use it. In other occasions a box pops up and asks you if you have any bonus code offers to add in your sign up process.

Is a bonus code only for new customers ?

One could think that a bonus code is only made to lure new customers into the casino or into the bookmaker. However the bonus code offers are not only for new customers. It is also an effective instrument for the online casinos and the sportsbookmakers to hold on to existing customers.
If you are already a member of an online casino or bookmaker, or if you are planning on being a member soon, you will realize that you sometimes are being bombarded with a variety of offers from that particular online casino or bookmaker. Often in the form of a bonus code. It will be offered to you either through the personal e-mail that you signed up with to begin with or it will be sent to your personal inbox if the casino or bookmaker in question, deliver that kind of service to the customers. You will, one way or another, be notified that there is a bonus code waiting to be used by you. For some online casinos it is offered on a weekly basis, which makes it much more fun for the customers, as they will get the feeling that not everything has a pricetag to it. That the casino also can be generous and wants to offer a service in order to keep you satisfied as a customer.

Where do I find a bonus code ?

If you are not already a member of an online casino or a bookmaker, then you definitely should surf the net and look up all the online casinos and bookmakers. On their front page, without even logging in, you will often find either a welcome bonus or a bonus code written in capitol letters all over their site. It is the online casinos only way to lure you into their casino, and that is why they find it of great importance to advertise big time through their front page of their casino site. So it is a rather easy task for you to surf around and pick up a couple of the best bonus codes and welcome offers. You can also google your way into some gambling sites that specializes in gathering all the actual bonus codes on the online casinos in a particular time range. That way much of the hard work of looking and searching has already been done for you. When all is said and done it does not take more than a couple of minutes to find a more than great bonus code offer online. Be it through a gambling advertising site or through the main site of a particular online casino or sportsbookmaker.
A good thing is to search in details. If you already know that you are mostly up to betting on sporting events, then narrow your search online down to only bookmakers. If you are more into the random and entertaining gambling market then you should narrow your search down to only online casinos. You will without any doubt find what you are looking for.