IP cameras were expensive at the time of their inception. They were expensive because that is just how technology is priced in the market. If the thing is still new, obviously, it would be priced higher.

But, give it time and their prices will drop dramatically. IP cameras nowadays are much more affordable than ever and I am going to talk about an inexpensive IP camera that has great features.

The Foscam FI8910W IP Camera is ideal for first-time IP camera users because of its ease of installation. But, before I go deeper into its installation procedure, I want to talk about the other features of this IP camera first.

This IP camera comes with its own app that is available for download from the Google Play store for Android mobile phones and the Apple app store for iPhones.

Called as the IP Cam Viewer (for Android phones) or LiveCams (for iPhones), the Foscam FI8910W IP Camera’s app allows you to view real-time footage right from your mobile phones. This is great because you do not have to go to a computer just to look at the footage as you can easily do this with your phone.

Another great feature of the Foscam FI8910W IP Camera is its night vision LED. This IP camera comes equipped with 11 Infrared LEDs that will help illuminate its field of view up to a total of 26 feet away.

This is great since the Foscam FI8910W IP Camera is best installed outside of your home or office.

The Foscam FI8910W IP Camera also comes with a pan and tilt functionality. This can easily be controlled using a PC or by using the Foscam IP camera’s app. This is great to see a lot of things in the area where the IP camera is installed.

If you want to communicate with the people on the other end, the Foscam FI8910W IP Camera also comes with a microphone and speaker system that allows for a two-way communication.

If you want to take the Foscam FI8910W IP Camera to the next level, you can also buy Foscam’s Blue Iris software.

What the Blue Iris software does is that it adds a plethora of new functionalities to the IP camera such as the ability to record files in a compressed format, allows the camera to alert you via SMS, and you can also hook up 64 Foscam FI8910W IP Cameras and you can control them all using this software. The Blue Iris Software is sold separately.

Lastly, the Foscam FI8910W IP Camera also has the Foscam cloud storage service. This service is not for free and you will need to be subscribed first. Don’t worry; they offer affordable rates and their cloud storage service is great.

With regards to the installation, all you have to do is install the IP camera wherever you want, attach the Ethernet cable, forward its port on your router, and you’re good to go!

All of these great features in one affordable package. The Foscam FI8910W IP Camera is currently priced at $60.