Nintendo has just posted its latest financial report and it is certainly encouraging. From March 2014 to December 2014, the company has reported a net income of more than five hundred million dollars.

The number may be surprising for some market watchers in the west because the new Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles have not been launched in Europe and North America, yet. The consoles have been around in Japan for about three months now and it has been in the Australian and New Zealand markets for a little over two months. The new Nintendo 3DS is set to be launched in Europe and North America in February.

In three months of its launch, Nintendo 3DS has clocked sales of 1.75 million units in Japan. In Australia and New Zealand, the sales stand at 80,000. The sum indicates a strong turnaround for the company that had been struggling for several months. To put things into perspective, the earlier Nintendo 3DS was launched in February 2011 and it had only sold 1.03 million units in Japan. Some experts are of the opinion that the competition to the old Nintendo 3DS was stronger than the competition for the new Nintendo 3DS. That aside, the numbers are certainly encouraging for Nintendo fans and stakeholders alike.

If erstwhile trends are to be taken into consideration then Nintendo handheld devices have traditionally fared much better in North America and Europe than what they achieved in Japan. If they are doing well there, then it is just the tip of the iceberg of profits that Nintendo is eyeing for this fiscal.

If history is any indication then bestselling Nintendo consoles has always cut into the prospects of a new console getting its due share. This happened with the old Nintendo 3DS when Nintendo DSi and DSi XL cut into its sales. The new Nintendo 3DS faces no such threat as the existing 2DS devices and the old 3DS are not faring that well.

The success of the new Nintendo 3DS can be further facilitated by Wii U. The Wii U hardware has been appreciated, the games on the platform are selling well and the upcoming releases will only make Wii U even more enticing.

The new 3DS along with the rise of Wii U is certainly scripting the turnaround for Nintendo.